Christmas Wishes

2018 Romantic Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend Long Distance

Christmas is one of the most popular and favorite festival around the world. Celebration Christmas with your loved one is the most favorable and romantic part of this festival. Sometimes, you are far away from your beloved due to his work or family situation and not possible to meet and celebrate the romantic Christmas Eve together. Here we have latest collection of romantic Christmas wishes 2018 for boyfriend from long distance. Sending romantic Christmas 2018 messages to your boyfriend makes him feel with you. Your warm wishes on this Christmas festival 2018 make Christmas Eve full of love and joy. Christmas wishes to your boyfriend at long distance from you make him feel special and increase your love and trust on each other and also make your life happy and joyful.
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Christmas 2018 Romantic Wishes for Boyfriend

I accepted to be your girlfriend and I will continue being it even though the distance that separates us, tell me that you will fulfill your promises too.

I love you and this temporary separation is only a challenge we have to overcome, the time without you seems longer but I will wait for you.

I need you with me, every time I think of you and I would like you to return here. I count the days to meeting again. Merry Christmas 2018

I remember those days when we saw us every day and we went for a walk. Now we only see each other once a month but despite all that, our relationship is strong and nobody is going to separate us. Merry Christmas Wishes 2018

I will not deny that I don’t like the idea of being away from you, but I love you and even though the greatest distance our love won’t end.

I will wait patiently for your return; every day you’re away I will dedicate some time to think about how it will be our reunion. Thanks for making me feel special. Christmas 2018 love wishes

I wish that you wouldn’t be so far from me, I feel very sad but somehow the love I have for you helps me to endure the distance between us. Christmas Wishes 2018

I’m sad because you’re not here, but that does not mean I no longer feel love for you, you are the owner of my heart and this beautiful feeling is never going to end.

I’m sorry for this, but I look at the bright side of this challenge, the distance will make us miss each other and when we would meet again we will spend quality time.

It never crossed my mind the idea of finishing, I just feel sad because you’re not here by my side. When it’s true love it can conquer all. Christmas Wishes 2018

Long Distance Boyfriend Christmas Wishes

Long Distance Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend

It’s been a few months since you left, but I know that our love is real, I love you very much, that’s why my heart beats fast for you and will do so until I die.

Just to want to let you know, that I will be missing you a lot this Christmas. I pray to Jesus that our love grows stronger every year and we be happy together. Merry Christmas 2018

Sending you loving Christmas wishes your way. Let your Christmas be filled with joy. Merry Christmas.

Since you are far away, I am sending Santa to deliver my loving Christmas wishes. Merry Christmas my love 2018

Thanks for the love and joy you gave me. You make me feel so special. I will miss you. Merry Christmas.

The distance will help us to know if our love is true, we will know how much love we have for one another, and will celebrate when we meet again, I love you my beloved. Christmas 2018 romantic wishes

When you traveled I promised myself that distance will not be an impediment to love, I am happy to know that your love for me continues to grow.

When you’re not with me I wish the days go by fast for you to come to me, but when you come just want time to stop. You’re a special guy and I’ll never lose you.

Wherever you are my heart is with you and I’m totally in love with you, every day that passes I miss you even more. Merry Christmas 2018

You know how much I love you. And even if we are not together this Christmas my love for you will always be there. Merry Christmas, my love.