Dominick The Donkey Song

Hey! Chingedy ching, (hee-haw, hee-haw) It’s Dominick the donkey. Chingedy ching, (hee-haw, hee-haw) The Italian Christmas donkey. (la la la-la la-la la la la la) (la la la-la la-la la-ee-oh-da) Santa’s got a little friend, His name is Dominick. The… Continue Reading

Jingle bells Christmas Song

Dashing through the snow In a one-horse open sleigh O’er the fields we go Laughing all the way Bells on bobtail ring’ Making spirits bright What fun it is to ride and sing A sleighing song tonight! Jingle bells, jingle… Continue Reading

Santa Claus Is Watching You Song

Now baby doll, sweetie-pie, sugarplum Honey-bunch, angel face You know you better be good And act like two fine lovers should Be careful what you say and do ‘Cause Santa Claus is watchin’ you He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere You’d better… Continue Reading