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Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes Someone You Love

Get the latest love messages of Christmas 2018 to send someone you love. This is the right place to find Merry Christmas love message for the person you love most. Make your beloved Christmas very special with your cute Christmas love messages for him/her. Here we have a very romantic collection of unique Christmas love messages for your boyfriend/girlfriend. Christmas is very special moment for all couples so; you can choose some short Christmas messages to send to your husband/wife. Below is some beautiful Christmas love messages for your beloved to send on this Christmas 2018 occasion.
Merry Christmas Wishes For Someone You Love

Christmas Love Messages 2018

You are the gift I ask Santa for every Christmas.
Merry Christmas to the one I love.

If the only place that
I can see that truly loved special someone is in my dreams then
I want to sleep forever.

Christmas is the day to tell your loved ones what they mean to you.
How could I miss this opportunity to pass all my love to the most loved of the lot! I love you.
Have a Merry Christmas.

Its not the presents that make Christmas so special,
its the presence of those you love.
Whether they are with you in person or spirit.

This Christmas spread your fragrance to all those around you and make this world a happy place.
Merry Christmas to the one I love the most.

The only thing I know is everything you love will die.
The first time you meet that someone special,
you can count on them one day being dead and in the ground.

Why do I need Christmas presents when I already have you?
Merry Christmas to the most beautiful angel on earth.
I love you.

Other than intimacy with a truly loved one is there
any better feeling than knowing that
you’re so close or better still,
right next to the one you truly love

Can I keep you forever? You are the Christmas present that I never want to lose.
Merry Christmas my beloved.

Nothing hurts more than realizing you had someone special;
someone who cared for you; someone who loved you;
and you gave that up.

Christmas is the time to touch every heart with love and care.
Christmas is the time to receive and send blessings.
It is the time to breathe the magic in the air.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

It takes some one really brave to be a mother,
someone strong to raise a child and someone special
to love someone more than herself.

Christmas is the time to share love & joy.
A time to recollect beautiful memories.
It is a time to sit back & relax.
Enjoy the holiday season.
Merry Christmas

May the winds of love and joy visit your homes this Christmas and live with you and your family for today and forever.
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I wish you a life filled with love and care,
as you filled mine with yours.
I thank you for your support,
strength and faith.
This Christmas,
I promise you love,
passion and togetherness for the rest of my life.
Merry Christmas.

Hey darling,
wake up,
it is such a lovely Christmas morning.
I wish you all the happiness in the world this Christmas.
I promise to do all it takes to see you happy.
Merry Christmas baby.
You owe me a Christmas kiss!

May your sweetness spread in the air around you and make everything around you also sweet.
I wish that smile on your face,
that I love so much,
last forever.
Merry Christmas to the one I love!

May my sweetheart’s life be filled with millions of reasons to smile.
May everyday be a day worth looking forward to.
I’m sending you all my love this Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you sweetheart.

Hey baby,
here is wishing you and fun-filled and gift-brimmed Christmas.
May all your dreams turn into reality.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hey Gorgeous! Here’s wishing you an awesome Christmas.
And to make it make is more awesome why don’t you begin it with a smile.
I love you.
Have a brilliant day!

Look around you,
the season of Christmas is the most romantic season of all.
I want to cuddle with you in one blanket,

sit in front of the fire furnace,

watch the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas carols all day long.
Merry Christmas to you my love.

May the festive season of Christmas make our relationship grow stronger and longer.
I want to live all the Christmas’ of my life with you baby.
Merry Christmas to you.

How I wish every morning was a Christmas morning,
with lovely Christmas music playing and you,
my baby in my arms! I love you sweets.
Merry Christmas to you,
my darling.

Love is such a wonderful feeling.
Waking up to a Christmas morning with the one you love makes it even more exciting.
Baby thank you for being such an angel in my life.
I love you so much.
Merry Christmas.

Time to celebrate the birth of the only one who could love you more than me.
Merry Christmas to you my darling!