Christmas Tree 2017

The interesting and important factor of celebrating Christmas 2017 is the placing of Christmas tree in a strategic place of your home and decorating it. Christmas tree may be artificial or wall mounted tree or real tree, decoration of the tree is surely an art to attract the visitors. There are many expensive and cheap ideas for decorating the Christmas tree and here are a few ideas.

Cut the images from the last year’s Christmas cards, colour the back with gold or sliver magic marker and hang them from the Christmas tree by using shiny ribbons in the midst of colour lights. This arrangement will be more suitable to the wall mounted trees, placed adjacent to your main entrance.

You can tie bows made out of scraps of ribbon and bits of lace and these can be tied to the boughs of the Christmas tree.

You can purchase miniature toys from the local toy shop and heavier items can be made to hang with wires and lighter items can be hanged on the tree with ribbons with colourful bows. Toy trains and dolls will be better choices for this decoration.

You might have bought many gift items to be presented to the guests and the children and these gift articles can be made to hang from the Christmas tree and they can be given to the intended guests as and when they arrive or leave.

Handmade Merry Christmas Tree Decoration Items and Ideas 2017

Merry Christmas 2017 to all of you! We all have craze to decorate Christmas trees on this festival season of Merry Christmas. Decorating a Christmas tree is like [..]

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