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Merry Christmas History – Why 25th December Celebrated as Xmas Day?

After marriage, the couples lived in a town, which is a part of Roman Empire. The Roman King conducted a population census to find out whether all the people are paying taxes to the Government. As there was a heavy rush in the town Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph could not find a place to stay and they were forced to stay in a place, where animals lived.

Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger, where from the horses and cows eat their food. As a mark of his birth, a bright star appeared the sky and learned men guessed that a king is born to rule over them and rushed to Bethlehem to see the blessed child.

The History of Christmas
The History of Christmas

History of Christmas Day – Merry Christmas 2018

King of Judea, Herod, was annoyed about this news and was not happy about his competitor. He had some evil plan, but wisely ordered the learned men to find where the Jesus was born. But, the God instructed the couple to proceed to Egypt with Jesus and live there and wait for further direction. As the time passed by, King Herod died and his son took over the reign. Joseph and Mary were instructed by God to go to Israel and they lived in Galilee, near Nazareth.

Christmas Day Historical Facts – Merry Christmas 2018

The above was the birth story of the God Man Jesus. Jesus’ birth day is believed to be celebrated as Christmas day on every 25, December.

But some historians say that Christmas was celebrated way back before the birth of Jesus. Exchanging gifts, decorating trees and other traditions were followed much earlier before the Christ born.

The Mesopotamians were believed celebrating New Year as a 12 day festival, over 400 years ago. The ancient Romans celebrated a festival during December to January to honor their God Saturn. During this festive season, people were practicing exchanging of gifts and greetings among friends and relatives. These festivals were considered to be similar to Christmas Celebrations. Most of the European countries celebrated festivals that were exactly similar to Christmas celebrations during December and January.

History of Christmas Celebration
History of Christmas Celebration

It was not fully established that Jesus Christ was born on December, 25. The Roman Church was the main cause for celebrating December, 25, as Christmas day. But every where, the Christmas songs are being sung on Christmas occasion and this is a Universal fact. Only, the Christmas celebrations vary from country to country, but not the Christmas day or season.

Throughout the history, there were also periods of some rulers, during whose rule, celebrating Christmas was banned and it did not last long. In later years, there were no challenges and Christmas is being now celebrated throughout the World with fervor and joy.