Christmas Games

Christmas celebrations are to be enjoyed much more by planning Christmas games for the young ones. There are numerous options of Christmas games to be played, provided there is enough space to play games and the children will enjoy the fun. Here are a few options.

Assemble the children in a particular place and play some Christmas music. The children have to dance over the music and when the music is stopped, each child must freeze. Let the music start again and let the children freeze as the music stops. This is a great chance for the children to show their energy.

Young children can be made to play clue games. A teacher will put Christmas related questions and give about three clues one after the other. The child, who answers to the question without a single clue will be awarded more points and the reduced points will be given to the children, who answer after hearing the clues. The marks will vary according to the clues used by a single child. The child, who wins more points, will be declared the winner of the prize.

You can form two groups of children, if possible into two lines, and let the children pass the candy cane sweet to each other, but they have to use only one finger for such passes. The first team, which passes the candy cane up and down the line, will be declared the winner.

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