Christmas Carols

The word Carol comes from the French word Carole, which means a circle dance or singing in groups in praise of Lord Jesus. Singing carols is actually pagan practice of celebrating the seasons and as such Carol songs found a place in Christmas celebrations. In early days, Carols were written in Latin and many people could not follow the scripts and later, these carol songs were written in the languages to enable a common man to understand and these carol songs gained popularity in Christmas celebrations.

Nowadays, carol songs are allowed to be sung as per the wishes of the people and new freedoms are given for singing carols. These carol songs are being sung by the people in streets, homes, churches and the like. There are people, who are singing carols for money and for free. In most of the churches, there is a group of people to sing carols on many celebrations like Christmas.

The carol singers are supported by orchestras and other choirs are being set up in many cities. Now, new carol services are created and they are popular as the singing of carols in streets. During prayers, especially Christmas prayers, the carol songs are sung and it is definitely a pleasing experience for those, who listen to these carol songs.

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