Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebrations around the World

The Christmas is celebrated in different ways in different countries and this varies according to the existing culture and practices followed by the people of those countries.

Common Christmas Elements among all Countries:

Even though, the culture varies from country to country, there are some common elements that form the parts of Christmas celebrations and they are as follows. Lighting of Christmas Trees, hanging of wreaths, Christmas Stockings, candy canes, sceneries describing the birth and birth place of Jesus Christ, singing of Christmas songs, story telling about Baby Jesus, Santa Claus, exchanging of greeting cards and wishes are some of the common features of Christmas celebrations throughout the World.

Attending of midnight Mass, celebration of Christmas Eve, Easter day celebrations, New Year’s Day, feast of Epiphany and more are also form the common part of Christmas celebrations.
Christmas Celebrations around the World

United States of America – Merry Christmas:

The Christmas celebration holiday mood starts at the end of November and there will be a heavy shopping festival a day after Thanks Giving Day. All educational institutions and business will enjoy holidays between Christmas Day and New Year Day. Most of the decorations are taken down by the end of feast of Epiphany.

Apart from the interior and exterior decorations of the house, the Christmas tree, decorated with ornaments, lightings and tinsel, will be placed at the centre of the house. Santa Claus will be visiting the children before Christmas night and the gifts will be distributed. The celebrations include a special at Churches on the Sunday before Christmas and on the midnight of Christmas.

Canada Merry Christmas Celebrations:

The Christmas celebrations in Canada are mostly similar to those prevailing in USA. There may be some lingering differences, which were brought by many immigrants from other countries. December, 26 is commemorated as Boxing Day and this is a tradition practice in Canada. There will be deeply discounted sales in retails stores of Canada. Large number of people s their major shopping during this period.

Christmas Celebrations in India:

Even though Christianity is a minor religion in India, Christmas is a State Holiday throughout India to enable the Christians to celebrate Christmas with joy. Most of the Christians are sincere and they attend the Church service on the night of Christmas. Many schools, which are run by Christian Missionaries, celebrate Christmas in school premises and the students of all communities participate in the celebrations.

In India too, discount sales are offered in all areas to enable the people to buy their Christmas purchases like dresses, sweets, etc. Special programmes are also telecast by local television stations to cheer the public.

Merry Christmas in Japan:

Though Christmas is not a National Holiday in Japan, the Christmas is celebrated with fervour and joy by the followers of Jesus Christ. Greetings and gifts are also exchanged among friends and relatives. Christmas parties are also held around the day of Christmas. Special Christmas cakes are prepared for the consumption of people. In major cities, malls and other public palaces are decorated with lightings, Christmas trees and other symbols of Christianity for the view of the public.

It is true that culture and habits vary from country to country, but Christmas is celebrated throughout the World and enjoyed by not only Christians but one and all.