Christmas Cards

2018 Christmas Card Ideas for Married Couples & Parents

It is our custom to greet our friends, relatives and others on the occasion of functions and celebrations like birthdays, Christmas, marriages and the like. There is nothing special in buying a greeting card from a relevant shop and wish the people on these occasions by sending these printed cards. Nowadays, there are online facilities to give you novel ideas to create your own greeting cards to be used on auspicious occasions. If you are a creator by yourself, you can implement your own ideas in designing these greeting cards and give surprise to your kith and kin.

Christmas Card Greeting Ideas for Kith and Kin 2018

Ideas for preparing Christmas greeting cards:
Making cards at home is a special art and sending these own prepared cards to your friends and relatives show that how affectionate you are with them. It is an expression of love towards them.

Christmas Greeting Cards for Married Couples

Christmas Greeting Cards Idea-1:
At the outset, take a colored chart paper of your choice. The color of the cards you choose could be light or dark colored and the main point is that it should satisfy the people to whom you are going to wish. Now, you have to fold the paper into two folds and draw the figures of beautiful flowers or any other designs you like. Cut them from the sides by using a sharp blade. The next step is you have to paste a different and matching color paper in the inner side of the paper, you have already cut.

On the outer side of the card, you can write the Christmas wishes and greetings. These writings can be done on the inner pages also. Some of the wishes are as given below.

Christmas Card Ideas for Couples & Families 2017

Christmas Cards Ideas for Married Couples:
This winter is too cold and stormy, but I intend to keep you always warm. Merry Christmas 2018. See these two love birds. They are you and me…

Christmas Cards from Parents to Married Children:
You are the best Christmas Couples and best wishes from the happiest Christian parents…

Christmas Greeting Cards for Parents

Christmas Greeting Cards Idea-2:
As an alternative, buy greeting card supplies such as different types of papers, pens, color pencils, glue, envelopes and some ready made designs. Besides, you may need some rubber stamps and decorative punches in preparing greeting cards.

At the beginning, get a piece of paper and draw the designs that are favorable to you and the recipients of such greeting cards. You can use pressed flowers on the Christmas greeting cards and it may be framed as a small picture. It would be even nice to use scented greeting card, which would be long remembered by the receiver. For this purpose, take a cotton wool ball and drop a few drops of scented oil into it. Place the cotton ball in an airtight bag and attach it with the greeting card and let it stay there for about 48 hours. Now the card will be scented throughout and smell good.

It would be better to use environmentally friendly cards that are manufactured using recycled papers. Natural embellishments such as leaves, flowers and feathers can be used to decorate the greeting cards to be remembered by the receiver at all times.